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I’ve heard a lot of arguments against the Hawkeye Initiative today — and I do mean a lot — but by far the most confusing to me was the argument that it is demeaning to women.  Apparently by putting men in female poses like it is something to be ashamed of, we are perpetuating the idea that being female is somehow demeaning.

Guys, I think you’ve missed the point. No really, it has sailed right by you and your entire argument is based on the false assumption that these are “female” poses. They aren’t female poses; they’re ridiculous poses. I don’t know any woman (or any vertebrate for that matter) who CAN bend themselves into some of these poses, much less would want to.

The end result isn’t a Hawkeye that looks like a woman, it’s a Hawkeye that looks fucking uncomfortable, whose body is contorted to be so hyper-sexualized as to be ridiculous.

In the Catwoman cover she isn’t positioned in any way that, well, makes sense. I’ve sketched Natasha in the pose of the man behind her to give you a little perspective.


Instead she is positioned so she is spread-legged, toes turned in, and torso twisted unnaturally to give you a great view of that impressive rack. Everything from the pointy rocks to the inexplicable secondary light source in a conveniently contrasting hue are intended to draw your attention to her crotch and her chest. You get used to seeing women like this in media, but it looks pretty silly when you do the same thing to a man, doesn’t it? And that is rather the point.

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